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Distance between Perth and Kellyville

Distance from Perth to Kellyville is 2031 miles / 3269 kilometers and driving distance is 2444 miles or 3934 kilometers. Travel time by car is about 43 hours 29 minutes.

Map showing the distance from Perth to Kellyville

Beeline Air distance: miles km
Driving line Driving distance: miles km


City: Perth
Country: Australia
Coordinates: 31°57′8″S


City: Kellyville
Country: Australia
Coordinates: 33°42′37″S

Time difference between Perth and Kellyville

The time difference between Perth and Kellyville is 2 hours. Kellyville is 2 hours ahead of Perth. Current local time in Perth is 00:48 AWST (2023-05-29) and time in Kellyville is 02:48 AEST (2023-05-29).