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Latitude: 50°54′14″N
Longitude: 1°24′15″W


Current local time in Southampton:

Time: 05:17 GMT
Date: 2021-01-21


Sunrise and Sunset

2021-01-21 (Today)07:5516:38
2021-01-22 (Tomorrow)07:5416:39

Sunrise and Sunset in Southampton

Distance from Southampton to other municipalities

How far is Eastleigh from Southampton85
How far is Cowes from Southampton1711
How far is Reading from Southampton6843
How far is Godalming from Southampton6339
How far is Staines from Southampton8653
How far is Brighton from Southampton8955
How far is Walton-on-Thames from Southampton8854
How far is Mendip from Southampton9358
How far is Mitcham from Southampton10364
How far is London from Southampton11269
How far is South Croydon from Southampton10565
How far is Sevenoaks from Southampton11974
How far is Hastings from Southampton13986
How far is Hertford from Southampton13584
How far is Dartford from Southampton12880
How far is Rochester from Southampton14489
How far is Sittingbourne from Southampton15797
How far is Newport from Southampton13584
How far is Coventry from Southampton167104
How far is Southend-on-Sea from Southampton164102
How far is Leicester from Southampton194120
How far is Birmingham from Southampton179111
How far is West Bromwich from Southampton184114
How far is Lichfield from Southampton200124
How far is Coalville from Southampton202126
How far is Loughborough from Southampton208129
How far is Plymouth from Southampton202126
How far is Burntwood from Southampton201125
How far is Burton upon Trent from Southampton212132
How far is Derby from Southampton225140
How far is Stowmarket from Southampton219136
How far is Arnold from Southampton234145
How far is Ripley from Southampton237147
How far is Stoke-on-Trent from Southampton240149
How far is Chesterfield from Southampton261162
How far is Manchester from Southampton292182
How far is Birkenhead from Southampton298185
How far is Leeds from Southampton322200
How far is Liverpool from Southampton299186
How far is Kingston upon Hull from Southampton324201
How far is Bradford from Southampton322200
How far is Preston from Southampton330205
How far is Edinburgh from Southampton574356
How far is Glasgow from Southampton583362

Closest airport to Southampton

Southampton Airport (SOU)6.13.8
Bournemouth Airport (BOH)33.821.0
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)89.255.5

Closest airport to Southampton


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