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Latitude: 51°35′15″N
Longitude: 2°59′54″W


Current local time in Newport:

Time: 03:53 BST
Date: 2020-09-25


Sunrise and Sunset

2020-09-25 (Today)07:0319:03
2020-09-26 (Tomorrow)07:0519:00

Sunrise and Sunset in Newport

Distance from Newport to other municipalities

How far is Cardiff from Newport1711
How far is Barry from Newport2918
How far is Bristol from Newport3120
How far is Hereford from Newport5635
How far is Burnham-on-Sea from Newport3924
How far is Telford from Newport12779
How far is Reading from Newport14188
How far is Wednesbury from Newport12678
How far is Bournemouth from Newport12477
How far is Wednesfield from Newport12880
How far is Coventry from Newport13785
How far is Crowthorne from Newport15596
How far is Southampton from Newport13584
How far is Bordon from Newport15798
How far is Waterlooville from Newport15898
How far is Stoke-on-Trent from Newport167104
How far is London from Newport199124
How far is Plymouth from Newport15798
How far is Islington from Newport200124
How far is Nottingham from Newport197123
How far is Potters Bar from Newport195121
How far is Hucknall from Newport202125
How far is Birkenhead from Newport201125
How far is Liverpool from Newport203126
How far is Kirkby in Ashfield from Newport206128
How far is Sevenoaks from Newport224139
How far is Litherland from Newport209130
How far is Manchester from Newport217135
How far is Newmarket from Newport245152
How far is Burngreave from Newport226141
How far is Doncaster from Newport249155
How far is Ashford from Newport273170
How far is Southend-on-Sea from Newport257159
How far is Preston from Newport243151
How far is Bury St Edmunds from Newport265164
How far is Wakefield from Newport254158
How far is Leeds from Newport264164
How far is Stowmarket from Newport282175
How far is Kingston upon Hull from Newport300186
How far is Belfast from Newport387241
How far is Edinburgh from Newport485302
How far is Glasgow from Newport483300

Closest airport to Newport

Bristol Airport (BRS)29.918.6
Cardiff Airport (CWL)32.019.9
Exeter Airport (EXT)99.361.7

Closest airport to Newport


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