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Latitude: 53°7′59″N
Longitude: 1°12′0″W


Current local time in Mansfield:

Time: 22:08 GMT
Date: 2021-01-17


Sunrise and Sunset

2021-01-17 (Today)08:0816:21
2021-01-18 (Tomorrow)08:0716:23

Sunrise and Sunset in Mansfield

Distance from Mansfield to other municipalities

How far is Nottingham from Mansfield2013
How far is Belper from Mansfield2214
How far is Sheffield from Mansfield3320
How far is Leicester from Mansfield5534
How far is Leeds from Mansfield7748
How far is Stalybridge from Mansfield6943
How far is Denton from Mansfield7144
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How far is Bradford from Mansfield8251
How far is Manchester from Mansfield7949
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How far is Royton from Mansfield7848
How far is King's Lynn from Mansfield11571
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How far is Liverpool from Mansfield12276
How far is Birkenhead from Mansfield12477
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How far is Letchworth from Mansfield14490
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How far is Cardiff from Mansfield228142
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How far is Poole from Mansfield274170
How far is Edinburgh from Mansfield339211
How far is Plymouth from Mansfield368229
How far is Glasgow from Mansfield362225
How far is Belfast from Mansfield350217

Closest airport to Mansfield

Nottingham Airport (NQT)25.115.6
East Midlands Airport (EMA)34.721.6
Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)40.225.0

Closest airport to Mansfield


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