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Latitude: 52°38′18″N
Longitude: 1°7′54″W


Current local time in Leicester:

Time: 21:35 GMT
Date: 2021-01-17


Sunrise and Sunset

2021-01-17 (Today)08:0616:23
2021-01-18 (Tomorrow)08:0516:25

Sunrise and Sunset in Leicester

Distance from Leicester to other municipalities

How far is Long Eaton from Leicester3019
How far is Coventry from Leicester3623
How far is Burton upon Trent from Leicester3924
How far is Nottingham from Leicester3522
How far is Birmingham from Leicester5534
How far is Rugeley from Leicester5635
How far is Banbury from Leicester6641
How far is West Bromwich from Leicester6037
How far is Staveley from Leicester7144
How far is Evesham from Leicester8251
How far is Dronfield from Leicester7748
How far is Stoke-on-Trent from Leicester8251
How far is Rotherham from Leicester8955
How far is Selby from Leicester12779
How far is Altrincham from Leicester11672
How far is Leeds from Leicester13282
How far is Kingston upon Hull from Leicester13483
How far is Islington from Leicester14188
How far is Reading from Leicester13282
How far is Ashton-under-Lyne from Leicester11571
How far is London from Leicester14389
How far is Manchester from Leicester11974
How far is Bingley from Leicester14389
How far is Birkenhead from Leicester15194
How far is Skelmersdale from Leicester14993
How far is Bristol from Leicester165103
How far is Liverpool from Leicester15093
How far is Ormskirk from Leicester15697
How far is Maghull from Leicester15597
How far is Crosby from Leicester15898
How far is Preston from Leicester163101
How far is Accrington from Leicester14992
How far is Newport from Leicester173107
How far is Southend-on-Sea from Leicester176109
How far is Cardiff from Leicester190118
How far is Blackpool from Leicester183114
How far is Stockton-on-Tees from Leicester215134
How far is Redcar from Leicester220137
How far is Edinburgh from Leicester392244
How far is Glasgow from Leicester412256
How far is Belfast from Leicester384238

Closest airport to Leicester

East Midlands Airport (EMA)25.215.7
Nottingham Airport (NQT)31.519.6
Birmingham Airport (BHX)46.528.9

Closest airport to Leicester


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