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Latitude: 45°26′55″N
Longitude: 73°49′0″W


Current local time in Pointe-Claire:

Time: 16:07 EDT
Date: 2020-07-09


Sunrise and Sunset

2020-07-09 (Today)05:1620:44
2020-07-10 (Tomorrow)05:1720:43

Sunrise and Sunset in Pointe-Claire

Distance from Pointe-Claire to other municipalities

How far is Mont-Royal from Pointe-Claire159
How far is Montréal from Pointe-Claire1912
How far is Laval from Pointe-Claire1710
How far is Mont-Saint-Hilaire from Pointe-Claire5132
How far is Cornwall from Pointe-Claire8653
How far is Clarence-Rockland from Pointe-Claire11572
How far is Ottawa from Pointe-Claire14791
How far is Thetford-Mines from Pointe-Claire208129
How far is Québec from Pointe-Claire251156
How far is Scarborough from Pointe-Claire469291
How far is North York from Pointe-Claire481299
How far is Toronto from Pointe-Claire484301
How far is Richmond Hill from Pointe-Claire478297
How far is Val-d'Or from Pointe-Claire423263
How far is Vaughan from Pointe-Claire484301
How far is Etobicoke from Pointe-Claire497309
How far is Mississauga from Pointe-Claire508315
How far is Brampton from Pointe-Claire510317
How far is Burlington from Pointe-Claire530329
How far is Hamilton from Pointe-Claire538334
How far is Barrie from Pointe-Claire475295
How far is Cambridge from Pointe-Claire566351
How far is Kitchener from Pointe-Claire577358
How far is Collingwood from Pointe-Claire515320
How far is Stratford from Pointe-Claire612380
How far is London from Pointe-Claire651405
How far is Timmins from Pointe-Claire661411
How far is Windsor from Pointe-Claire816507
How far is Dieppe from Pointe-Claire711442
How far is Sault Ste. Marie from Pointe-Claire821510
How far is Halifax from Pointe-Claire809503
How far is Winnipeg from Pointe-Claire1 8071 123
How far is Calgary from Pointe-Claire3 0061 868
How far is Lethbridge from Pointe-Claire2 9301 820
How far is Edmonton from Pointe-Claire2 9581 838
How far is Sherwood Park from Pointe-Claire2 9481 832
How far is Spruce Grove from Pointe-Claire2 9881 857
How far is Salmon Arm from Pointe-Claire3 3742 097
How far is Grande Prairie from Pointe-Claire3 3062 054
How far is Victoria from Pointe-Claire3 7102 306
How far is Langford from Pointe-Claire3 7202 311
How far is Surrey from Pointe-Claire3 6542 271
How far is Maple Ridge from Pointe-Claire3 6362 259
How far is Pitt Meadows from Pointe-Claire3 6422 263
How far is Vancouver from Pointe-Claire3 6722 282


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