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Latitude: 33°52′4″S
Longitude: 151°12′26″E


Current local time in Sydney:

Time: 14:36 AEST
Date: 2020-10-01


Sunrise and Sunset

2020-10-01 (Today)05:3117:57
2020-10-02 (Tomorrow)05:3017:58

Sunrise and Sunset in Sydney

Distance from Sydney to other municipalities

How far is Heathcote from Sydney3019
How far is Wollongong from Sydney6842
How far is Newcastle from Sydney11773
How far is Maitland from Sydney13081
How far is Singleton from Sydney14590
How far is Canberra from Sydney247153
How far is Forster from Sydney224139
How far is Bendigo from Sydney706438
How far is Gold Coast from Sydney686426
How far is Toowoomba from Sydney705438
How far is Melbourne from Sydney713443
How far is Camberwell from Sydney708440
How far is Melton from Sydney732455
How far is Melton West from Sydney733456
How far is Caulfield North from Sydney713443
How far is Caulfield South from Sydney714444
How far is Tarneit from Sydney738459
How far is Logan City from Sydney716445
How far is Werribee from Sydney740460
How far is Bacchus Marsh from Sydney743461
How far is Brisbane from Sydney733455
How far is Somerville from Sydney727452
How far is Ballarat from Sydney781485
How far is Bracken Ridge from Sydney749465
How far is Geelong from Sydney778483
How far is Bundaberg from Sydney1 007626
How far is Adelaide from Sydney1 162722
How far is Launceston from Sydney915568
How far is Gladstone from Sydney1 114692
How far is Hobart from Sydney1 057657
How far is Townsville from Sydney1 6811 045
How far is Atherton from Sydney1 9321 201
How far is Perth from Sydney3 2902 044
How far is Canning Vale from Sydney3 2822 040
How far is Rockingham from Sydney3 2942 047
How far is Mandurah from Sydney3 2892 044
How far is Collie from Sydney3 2302 007
How far is Bunbury from Sydney3 2782 037
How far is Broome from Sydney3 3762 098

Closest airport to Sydney

Sydney Airport (SYD)9.15.7
Shellharbour Airport (WOL)86.253.6
Newcastle Airport (NTL)132.982.6

Closest airport to Sydney


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