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Distance between Hyesan and Linjiang

Distance from Hyesan to Linjiang is 71 miles / 115 kilometers and driving distance is 135 miles or 217 kilometers. Travel time by car is about 3 hours 9 minutes.

Map showing the distance from Hyesan to Linjiang

Beeline Air distance: miles km
Driving line Driving distance: miles km


City: Hyesan
Country: North Korea
Coordinates: 41°24′6″N


City: Linjiang
Country: China
Coordinates: 41°48′24″N

Time difference between Hyesan and Linjiang

The time difference between Hyesan and Linjiang is 1 hour. Linjiang is 1 hour behind Hyesan. Current local time in Hyesan is 03:08 KST (2022-12-06) and time in Linjiang is 02:08 CST (2022-12-06).