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Latitude: 48°25′58″N
Longitude: 123°22′9″W


Current local time in Victoria:

Time: 21:15 PDT
Date: 2020-03-31


Sunrise and Sunset

2020-03-31 (Today)06:5119:43
2020-04-01 (Tomorrow)06:4919:44

Sunrise and Sunset in Victoria

Distance from Victoria to other municipalities

How far is Ladner from Victoria7647
How far is Surrey from Victoria8553
How far is Vancouver from Victoria9358
How far is Vernon from Victoria360224
How far is Quesnel from Victoria509316
How far is Kimberley from Victoria556345
How far is Edson from Victoria750466
How far is Calgary from Victoria727452
How far is Drayton Valley from Victoria793493
How far is Lethbridge from Victoria781485
How far is Smithers from Victoria753468
How far is Edmonton from Victoria895556
How far is Grande Prairie from Victoria812504
How far is Taber from Victoria830516
How far is Moose Jaw from Victoria1 305811
How far is Steinbach from Victoria1 9411 206
How far is Sault Ste. Marie from Victoria2 9101 808
How far is Timmins from Victoria3 0611 902
How far is Barrie from Victoria3 3342 072
How far is London from Victoria3 2842 041
How far is Amos from Victoria3 2852 041
How far is Norfolk County from Victoria3 3542 084
How far is Kitchener from Victoria3 3162 061
How far is Brant from Victoria3 3422 077
How far is Renfrew from Victoria3 5042 177
How far is Hamilton from Victoria3 3732 096
How far is Brampton from Victoria3 3592 087
How far is Mississauga from Victoria3 3722 095
How far is Toronto from Victoria3 3842 103
How far is North York from Victoria3 3812 101
How far is Ottawa from Victoria3 5772 223
How far is Scarborough from Victoria3 3922 108
How far is Val-des-Monts from Victoria3 5692 218
How far is Markham from Victoria3 3872 105
How far is Ajax from Victoria3 4052 116
How far is Oshawa from Victoria3 4162 123
How far is Kirkland from Victoria3 7072 303
How far is Bois-des-Filion from Victoria3 7062 303
How far is Laval from Victoria3 7142 308
How far is Farnham from Victoria3 7782 347
How far is Acton Vale from Victoria3 7912 356
How far is Drummondville from Victoria3 7872 353
How far is Pont-Rouge from Victoria3 8052 364
How far is Qu├ębec from Victoria3 8362 384
How far is Bridgewater from Victoria4 4232 748
How far is Labrador City from Victoria3 9052 426


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